Who and What are BundlBee?

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BundlBee was established by three like minded people to create a link between the traditional working desktop PC environment and the ever increasing mobile & social content delivery experience. BundlBee brings together professionals with many years experience in their chosen fields who can realise a collaborative approach to production of end user solutions which are both innovation focused and highly functional in their delivery.

In today’s mobile world there are over 1 billion smartphones in existence and this number is increasing year on year. By 2016 mobile internet use will take over from desktop which is the preferred method of browsing today. Here at BundlBee we want to help you grow your business by showcasing your products & services using the soon to be preferred method of display, mobile. Why not create your own mobile app or mobile website in a few easy steps to better reach your present client base. Going mobile will also enable you to attract new clients to your business. Still interested in knowing more about us?

You may also need a social presence that your organisation has been overlooking until now? With close to 1 billion people using Facebook, over 400 million using Google+, over 300 million using twitter and more and more social networks coming on line on a daily basis can your business afford to ignore these potential clients? We can guide you through a social strategy while integrating the new found mobile side of your business into your social presence. If you would like to take your social presence further by offering bespoke applications to your clients, give them an enhanced experience while interacting with your company, give them the ability to purchase from you, book time with you or run your mobile workforce from your social pages, we can help!

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Our mission is to give small to medium companies the ability to easily create an online presence.

We achieve this by giving our clients the tools needed to easily create and manage websites, mobile site & web apps. This in turn, gives them the ability to integrate their social experience, online branding and reputation management.

Our philosophy is centered on our clients need to reach their customers through various media forms. Whether that media is mobile, social, web or apps we remain focused on our clients ultimate goals.