BundlBee Projects

So Limerick

So Limerick is Ireland’s premier localised Social Network

After noticing a massive need for a place of interaction for Limerick, BundlBee spent 18 months developing SoLimerick.com with its launch in January 2014.  This is a place where people can communicate with each other, get to know what’s happening around the area, their village or town and very importantly get to know one another.

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Limerick’s Limericks

Limerick’s Limericks is a Virtual Walking Tour which features 12 points of historical interest throughout Limerick. At each location there is a plaque featuring a QR Code with a Limerick poem about the location. Once the QR Code is scanned the participant is brought to a mobile optimised web page that features historical information and photographs about that point of interest. From there the participant can move to the next point of interest by given a series of directions based on the next nearest location.

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QR Code Shopping

This experience was launched in Cork city in August 2013. It comprised of a billboard campaign, a weekly advertising campaign and an event launch on the streets of Cork that saw hundreds of people learning about the use of QR Codes.

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