Search Engine Optimisation

Building your business and your brand through social signals, engagement and new strategies because real people are connected to your traffic and can not be taken away. The engagement of real people provides evidence that your content is meaningful and should be highly visible in search engines.

SEO is continuously evolving. Google’s ongoing changes to their Panda and Penguin algorithms have shaken up the industry to the extent that sites that once ranked highly in search results have now be demoted and websites that adhere to Google’s new methodology are ranking higher and higher.

It is now not enough to have your website laid out according to the guidelines extolled by Google, you now also need to wrap and SEO you are doing in a social layer, meaning that your efforts to rank higher in a Google search must now contain social media optimisation also.

With the rise of Google+ and old stalwarts like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, your social activities should be front and centre in any campaign you do to rank higher in search results.

Instead, focus on historic SEO methods think People, Social and Content. Google will rank your website on the above factors. Not adhering to the “People, Social and Content” method will result on lower page ranking.
Faster Sites Make People Happier! It also allows Google to crawl more pages sooner and notice the changes you’ve made sooner, which translates your SEO efforts into measurable results…sooner!
Another key ranking signal is the click-through rate on organic search results. If more people are clicking on your result over a higher ranked site, you’ll eventually take their place.
Google now looks at Social Mapping, or ‘who your friends are’, so this is the kind of signal you want to be sending – So if someone promotes you on a social network, pay it forward and promote them in return! And instead of begging influencers in your profession to promote you…promote them first instead!